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Home of the Queen Garnet

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Welcome to the home of the unique and PBR-protected Queen Garnet. Proudly nurtured by Nutrafruit and their network of dedicated growers, the Queen Garnet is now available to businesses wishing to capture its benefits in their own formulations.

Developed and grown in Australia, the Queen Garnet is a superfruit rich in antioxidants. Worshipped by nutritionists, this ingredient is currently in trials for skincare applications, with haircare and oralcare on the horizon.

Discover the unique combination and concentrations of phyto-compounds, limited only by your formulating creativity. These new ingredients will help your business capture its magic - talk to us about your needs and how we can assist you in harnessing the Queen's majesty.

Nutrafruit provide scientifically-proven health and wellness benefits to the world through premium products from nature.

Nutrafruit is an Australian owned company based in Queensland, established in 2010 when it secured the exclusive global commercialisation licence to a new type of plum - the Queen Garnet. With the support of Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, we’re dedicated to the development of scientifically backed natural products, with the potential to be ‘best in class’. The global license allows Nutrafruit to work with partners exclusively and develop unique products with high degrees of protection against ‘copycat’ products.

The fresh fruit season is 6-8 weeks, lasting from around late January/early February until April/May. Outside of the harvest, Queen Garnet is available for purchase as an ingredient in the form of an extract and an essence. We proudly use minimal waste processing methods, utilising the entire fruit for maximum topical benefits and reduced environmental impact.

Between two long rows of Queen Garnet plum trees
Between two long rows of Queen Garnet plum trees