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The role of inflammation in anxiety

Anxiety is prevalent in sufferers of cardiovascular conditions yet this is often untreated and unnoticed. Scientists have developed a theory that the high rates of anxiety may be attributed to the inflammation present in these conditions.

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The role of inflammation in depression

As a result of this inflammation, anti-inflammatory and pro-inflammatory cytokines are released to act as messengers between immune cells. Pro-inflammatory cytokines have been linked several conditions such as depression, asthma, diabetes and obesity.

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Channel 9 – Purple Foods

A new group of fat burning super-foods may have just been discovered by South-East scientists, and the best part is they’re likely cheap and readily available at your local shops.

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Arthritis: can anthocyanin provide relief?

Thanks to its antioxidative properties, anthocyanin has been shown to reduce levels of TNF-α, an inflammatory marker that plays a significant role in bone loss associated with rheumatoid arthritis.

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