According to the Heart Foundation, there are more deaths caused by high blood pressure in Australia than any other single risk factor. More research is suggesting that the Queen Garnet could help the population’s symptoms.

The Queen Garnet gained significant media attention following a University of Southern Queensland study in 2015, wherein the plum reversed inflammation of the heart and liver as well as blood pressure and fat levels in obese and hypertensive rats. This research progressed into a clinical trial at Victoria University where they confirmed cardiovascular and metabolic effects in overweight and obese humans.

The trial found that consumption of Queen Garnet plum nectar decreased blood pressure and risk factors of metabolic syndrome to an extent akin to one you would see with antihypertensive drugs. QG Nectar was also able to reduce fasting glucose, insulin, and LDL cholesterol levels. Metabolic syndrome is a collection of conditions which increase the risk of heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes. The researchers attribute these effects to the known benefits of the fruit’s anthocyanins as the Queen Garnet plum has up to seven times the anthocyanin levels found in other plums.

“The results showed a gradual and sustained reduction in blood pressure within six weeks of consuming the nectar and it continued to lower over the trial period by about 10mmHg, which is highly significant for cardiovascular health,” said one of the researchers. Participants received 250ml/day of QG Nectar.

These effects are similar to those recorded in a 2017 University of Wollongong clinical trial, where 300ml/day of the same Queen Garnet juice reduced blood pressure in both young and old participants.

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