Studies show that high serum cholesterol levels are the underlying cause of cardiovascular disease (CVD). Cholesterol gets oxidised, causing plaques in the arteries which can lead to coronary heart disease.
There are pharmaceutical drugs known as “statins” that lower blood cholesterol, though arguments against these include high price, muscle pain, liver inflammation and/or damage, diabetes and cognitive impairment. Not good, right? Fortunately, there are more natural alternatives.

Oftentimes relying on a change in overall diet and lifestyle is insufficient to reduce the risk of CVD. This is where LactoSpore® Bacillus coagulans lowers comes in. A paper published in September 2018 has found promising evidence to suggest LactoSpore® B. coagulans lowers cholesterol. The researchers mimicked the human digestive tract in a petri dish to better understand the properties of this probiotic strain. Essentially, the goal was to see if cholesterol from a variety of cholesterol-rich foods reduced after 24 hours of fermentation with the probiotic. The results indicated that there was in fact a significant reduction in cholesterol levels.

Researchers speculate that the cholesterol-lowering property of LactoSpore® B. coagulans is due to its bile salt hydrolase and/or its ability to scavenge cholesterol. Bile salt hydrolase is an enzyme that increases the production of bile salts in the liver and these are critical for fat digestion and absorption. The products synthesised by the probiotic are also known to inhibit the rate of cholesterol synthesis.

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