You have probably heard about the importance of taking probiotics to improve the bacteria in your gut. These probiotics are the live bacteria found in certain foods and supplements. 

Your microbiome (all of those microorganisms that we host) needs nourishment in order to live up to its full potential. When the bacteria process this nourishment, beneficial compounds are released. This has a cyclic effect, as the compounds released can in turn assist the bacteria in performing their function in the gut. You can think of it as sending a troop of billions of little soldiers to your gut to fight off any ‘bad’ guys. Now imagine that these soldiers need materials to make their ammo – that is where the nourishment comes in.

So what is this magical nourishment for your gut microbiome? Non-digestible fibre in foods. The non-digestible element here is key because this fibre remains undigested through your gastrointestinal tract until it reaches your colon; where most of your good soldiers are found. The microbiome ferments the non-digestible fibre, producing compounds that provide the ammo for your soldiers.

This nourishment is known as prebiotics. The probiotic bacteria need prebiotics to work effectively. Some of the richest sources of prebiotics include under-ripe bananas, raw asparagus, and raw garlic.