There are many benefits of consuming prebiotics, a food that is otherwise known as soluble vegetable fiber, one of the main being they help in the production of short-chain fatty acids. These are chemical compounds that have a systematic anti-inflammatory effect on many parts of the body especially the colon and heart.

These are nine other surprising health benefits of prebiotics:

  1. Weight loss

Just consuming 30 grams or more fiber a day can help you lose weight faster and more efficiently than almost any diet. This is because fiber-rich foods, (especially soluble fiber-rich foods) fill you up faster than any other food source and remain in your gut longer. They also tend to prevent your body absorbing some of the calories you consume in other foods so they just pass through your system and do not get metabolised into fat.

Having a diet high in prebiotics helps your body to maintain a consistently healthy weight over time, unlike most diets that only work while you stay on them.

  1. Cuts the risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Because a prebiotics rich diet helps to stabilise blood sugar levels and regulate insulin as well as reducing overall weight it assists the body to stop the development of diabetes

  1. Lowers the risk of Heart Disease

A high fiber diet helps remove bad cholesterol from your system before it can clog arteries

  1. Allows for Healthier Gut Bacteria

The health providing or good bacteria of your microbiome (gut bugs) feed on prebiotics and other fiber, these good bacteria are essential for overall good health

  1. Reduced Cancer Risk

It is estimated that every 10 grams of fiber you consume each day reduces your risk of colorectal cancer by 10% and breast cancer by 5% and because most foods high in fiber are also high in antioxidants which help to fight cancer

  1. Live Longer

Studies confirm that people have a reduced risk of death from any cause with a diet consistently high in fiber of about 18% overall compared to those with a low fiber diet

  1. Be more regular

One of the most common G.I complaints in the western world is constipation, a diet high (imbiber) in fiber makes your faeces thicker and softer, which allows it to easily pass through your system and from your body 

  1. An all-Natural Detox

Fiber scrubs the inside of your GI tract as it passes through you and soluble fiber has the ability to suck up unhealthy fats and chemicals like BPA, pesticides and heavy metals like mercury quickly removing them from your system lowering their chances of harming you

  1. Make Healthier Bones

Some types of vegetables such as leeks, asparagus wheat and oats provide the benefits of the prebiotics they contain as they can help your body to develop strong healthy bones. This is because they increase the bioavailability of different minerals such as calcium in some other foods we eat at the same time allowing our system and utilise them. 

Prebiotics are one of the most under recognised groups of foods that are essential to our health. Most food processing methods remove many of the natural fiber and prebiotics so the vast majority of people in the western world are missing out on them.