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11 December 2017

The Bush Telegraph: Plum’s the word

A plum a day could keep doctors at bay if the results of new human trials is anything to go...

24 November 2017

Are we cooking our way to high blood pressure?

AGEs cause oxidative stress in the body, therefore consuming fruits and vegetables that are high in antioxidants will offer protection...

Blog Nutrafruit - QG Plum Nectar
14 November 2017

University of Wollongong finds QG lowers blood pressure

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8 November 2017

Why do we need antioxidants?

First, let us break down the word ‘antioxidant’. Antioxidants help to prevent oxidation, hence the two parts of the word...

25 October 2017

Anthocyanins: pretty and powerful!

The type of anthocyanin present in the Queen Garnet plum has a very high bioavailability compared to other produce, meaning...

Blog Nutrafruit - Queen Garnet Probiotic Powder
28 August 2017

Four things you didn’t know about the Queen Garnet

Improve memory retention Being full of antioxidants, the Queen Garnet may be able to slow the development of dementia. Not...

Blog Nutrafruit - Queen Garnet Plum Nectar
28 August 2017

Health Benefits of the Queen Garnet Plum

When it comes to plums, the Queen Garnet is a leader in nutrition, value, taste and health benefits. Grown around...

In the News Nutrafruit - Queen Garnet Plums growing on tree
1 April 2017

Channel 7: Super plum from Queensland

A super food from Queensland could hold the key to fighting dementia, obesity and high blood pressure. The long list...

In the News Nutrafruit - Queen Garnet Plums - ABC rural report
22 April 2016

‘Superfood’ Queen Garnet Plums to be produced organically for first time

The next ‘superfood’ surprising scientists with its nutritional properties will soon be grown organically for the first time in Australia....

In the News Nutrafruit - Queen Garnet Plums on tree
6 March 2016

ABC Landline: Queensland Government to make millions

Queensland Government to make millions as interest in Queen Garnet plums grows around the world. A Queensland-bred “super plum” is...

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