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20 February 2018

Brisbane Times: Accidental Queensland plums a ‘cracking piece of fruit’

A Queensland-born plum accidentally created by state government researchers could help Australians lower their risk of heart disease, researchers say....

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2 February 2018

Fresh Plaza: National Queen Garnet Plum growth counters Queensland’s heat problems

National volumes of one of Australia’s ‘superfruits’, the Queen Garnet (QG) Plum, are on track to meet last year’s totals,...

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1 February 2018

WIN News Toowoomba: QG Plum Season 2018

SUPER FOOD: Stanthorpe growers are overwhelmed with the demand for super fruit Queen Garnet plums, with last years warm winter...

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29 January 2018

Diabetes Australia: The colour purple – do plums pack a positive punch for better health?

An IHMRI study is trialling the benefits of plum juice to protect against age-related diseases. Click here to view the...

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22 January 2018

WIN News Illawarra: Plum Research – How to improve your memory

A clinical trial is underway at the Illawarra Health and Medical Research Institute, investigating the benefits of plum juice on...

14 December 2017

Blending keeps you moving so is it better than juicing?

Juicing turns fruit into a drinkable, watery consistency but this comes at a price. Extracting all the juice means getting...

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11 December 2017

The Bush Telegraph: Plum’s the word

A plum a day could keep doctors at bay if the results of new human trials is anything to go...

24 November 2017

Are we cooking our way to high blood pressure?

AGEs cause oxidative stress in the body, therefore consuming fruits and vegetables that are high in antioxidants will offer protection...

Blog Nutrafruit - QG Plum Nectar
14 November 2017

University of Wollongong finds QG lowers blood pressure

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8 November 2017

Why do we need antioxidants?

First, let us break down the word ‘antioxidant’. Antioxidants help to prevent oxidation, hence the two parts of the word...

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