Plums are a great source of vitamin C, vitamin K and fibre. But did you know the Queen Garnet is also extremely high in anthocyanin and antioxidants? Here are some of the top benefits.
  1. Improve memory retention

Being full of antioxidants, the Queen Garnet may be able to slow the development of dementia. Not only does the Queen Garnet increase memory function, it is also able to prevent brain cell breakdown.

  1. Cut your kilojoule intake

With small plums only containing approximately 125 kilojoules (or 30 calories), plums are easy to include into your diet as a healthy snack. The Queen Garnet plum’s high level of anthocyanin also acts as an effective inflammatory agent.

  1. Increase iron absorption

Plums and prunes help to increase iron absorption in the body, thanks to high levels of Vitamin C. They capture non-heme iron, which is then stored in a way that your body can easily absorb.

  1. Assist skin health

As plums are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, it is only natural they assist in maintaining clear and radiant skin. They can help in reducing dark spots and wrinkles thanks to their anti-ageing nutrients.