The jewel in our crown

About Nutrafruit

Nutrafruit prides itself on being a small business, with a big dream.

Nutrafruit holds a global licence to commercialise a range of fruit varieties developed by the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries and has invested heavily in research, to bring the health benefits of these new “superfoods” to the world.

The jewel in Nutrafruit’s crown is the Queen Garnet Plum, which is available from late January to early April at retailers in Australia and Asia. But that’s not where this story ends.

Nutrafruit believes the goodness of the Queen Garnet is worth bottling, so it has developed a range of products to enjoy year round.

  • QG Nectar is made from 100 per cent Queen Garnet plum. The Nectar can be consumed on its own, or, if you’re feeling creative, mix it with mineral water and a dash of ginger. Click here for QG Nectar recipe ideas.
  • Queen Garnet Probiotic powder is made with 10 billion Good Bacteria per 3g serve. The Probiotic powder is a powerful way to start your day and can be eaten straight or sprinkled on cereal or mixed into yogurt. Click here for Queen Garnet Probiotic powder recipe ideas.

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